Creative Design  
¡§Two heads are better than one.¡¨ The proposal system that has
prevailed in Japan for a long time originates from this spirit. Many
enterprises often get the unexpected wonderful results on the
enterprise management or product development because of the
employees¡¦ accidental ideas.
PERFECT converts the spirit of proposal from time to time into the
creative ideas to blend in the advertisement works, and present you
the most perfect combinations. The creative ideas of PERFECT come
from the brainstorming of the work team and the persistence and the
enthusiasm of the personnel. Through coordination and communication,
the sparkle of originality bursts forth, and the intertwine thought and the
creative ideas mingle together to be perfect works.
Graphic Design
Poster/ DM & Leaflet/ Catalog is a Mobile Colorful Showcase
Posters, DM, and catalogs are the mobile showcases of products and
services¡E¡E¡EPosters, DM, and catalogs are the vanguard to contact
the consumers. The marketing stresses the image, and emphasizes the
packing. A good catalog and DM, as small as a namecard/ business
card and the letter paper are the media to give publicity to your
company and increase good impression on consumers.
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