Our company combines the advertisement and the technology. The spirit of advertisement, which
  takes the technology as the mainstay, exists in the aesthetics. Our works have the aesthetic design,
  the technology, and the spirit of advertisement concurrently.
  Divided into Department of Translation, Department of CompuNet, and Department of Advertisement.
  Department of CompuNet and Department of Advertisement include multimedia webpage design, par
  value business website, web hosting & rental, internet advertising, internet marketing, and graphic
  design. Department of Translation consists of hundreds of part-time and full-time Chinese and foreign
  translators to provide you the most precise and rapid services. The languages we translate are about
  thirty kinds, the content of which covers all industries and all fields of science & technology, industry
  & business,law, medicine, certificates and documents, cassette tapes and video tapes, and homepage.
  The interpretation services involve the escorting interpretation, business talks, conferences, and
  simultaneous interpretation. Moreover, we have the notarization, authentication, and verification
  services for all kinds of certificates and documents of immigration, study abroad, marriage, work,
  and investment. For our clients, besides providing the most perfect services, we combine the
  relevant entrance websites of Perfect Translation & CompuNet Co.,Ltd. and the meticulously
  planned paper propaganda activities to do the publicity for your company free of charge.
  A short cut to learning a language, and the vanguard of advertisement planning. We publish the books
  of business administration on marketing, and the foreign language teaching materials.
  Located in Taiwan; provides all kinds of services of translation, interpretation, document notarization
  & verification, and typewriting of Chinese, English, and Japanese.
  This Japanese learning website presently has the basic and level 1 voice courses (standard Tokyo
  sound), and Japanese Speeded-up Tips Series, wishing to render the people that have the aspiration
  to learn to speak perfect Japanese a barrier-free internet learning environment.
  This website of abundant conent collects the relative websites that have the close relationship with your
  life on food, clothing, housing, transportation and communication, education, and recreation, including
  leisure and entertainment, restaurants and dainties, schools and organizations/ institutions,
  hospitals,and news media, and so on, being your good partner of life.
  Perfect Language Net is the first professional language doorway website in Taiwan. The content includes
  foreign language learning, and the industrial and business information related to a foreign language; here
  the relevant information about languages is profuse and complete, being a good tool to find data about
  languages or learn a language! Besides, we have popular Perfect Japanese Classroom, Formosa
  Foreign Language Penpal Land, and Formosa Forum.
  The website offers a space of discussions and idea exchange for the people that are interested in a
  foreign language. The content includes the relevant websites and information of Taiwanese
  language(s), aboriginal culture, and new wife of a Taiwanese husband. Beside, we have Formosa
  Foreign Language Penpal Land,Formosa Forum, and public guest book; it’s the best public
  welfare website for learning a language.

Mansai Anime world:

•Headquarters: Taichung Road
•Taipei office:Guancian Road  
TEL:(04)2227-9899(Detailed Data)