The Coming of the Internet Times  
In the air of depression, the personnel expense can not be lowered, and
even soars day by day. Besides, the welfare is increasing and the
expense of advertisement is huge and unable to be cut down, what should
you do? Presently, because of the popularization of computer, the internet
has become the best weapon to develop and expand the business!
  1. According to the data of ISP, there have been more than fifteen million people in Taiwan that use the
    internet! People that can not surf the internet fall behind; an enterprise without a website will lose
    the competitiveness gradually.
  2. Mobile Marketing
   The clients are not confined to the local place anymore. The buyers from all over the world, distant
   or nearby, within or outside the national boundaries, can enter your shop to browse and purchase the
   goods. The website itself is an exhibition booth, and you can save the expenses of participating in the
   exhibitions abroad and business travels.
  3. Twenty-four Hours Internet Shop
   To open a shop on the internet is capable of operating under all weather conditions 24 hours a day
   and 365 days in the entire year. Presently the holidays have reached more than one third of a year.
   Therefore, the best location for a shop tomorrow is on the internet that can run all the time. The
   development of internet shops will be the motive power to change the business behaviors!
  4. A Marketing Website of Extensive Touch Surface
   The internet creates a worldwide sales window for an enterprise. With the internet, the clients can
   search the internet markets or advertisements of the whole world at any time and anywhere. Whatever a  
      large company or a small one is, the company can establish a website to compete the business in an 
      equal status.
  5. Diversified and Inexpensive Communication Network
   For long-distance communication, the internet can slash the communication cost. For the moment,
   one can use the network to transmit the sounds, words, images and graphs.
  6. To Save the Personnel and Marketing Expenses
   Nowadays the personnel expense swells, and the welfare keeps on increasing (national health
   insurance, labor insurance, national annuity, and holidays that exceed one third of a year).
   The internet marketing through an on-line computer can lower the personnel cost greatly, and
    decrease the advertisement expenses.
  7. To Collect the Data Swiftly
   You can look up and get the data quickly by means of the internet.
  8.The internet advertisement does not have the compelling receiving function like TV or broadcasting
  (because of one way and fixed frequency channel). Its advantages lie in the strong interaction, and
boundless stretching indexes. For example, the TV advertisement is an image advertisement. However,
the internet advertisement has more powerful information explanations, and it can provide abundant
product information.
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