1991 From the date that Perfect Cultural Enterprise Co., the predecessor of the company was
  formally set up, we have started to do the translation, interpretation, business of document
  notarization and verification, publish and sell the relevant books of language, and hold
  the foreign language research and study and study abroad program and study tour
March 1994 The Department of Translation was independent, and Perfect Translation Company was
  established at Taichung Road, East District.
1998 Owing to the fact that the application of the computer, programs, and software was getting
  maturer day by day, we established Perfect Translation Service Co., Ltd. to meet the clients¡¦
  increasingly and highly changeable demands, and the text-image integration and handling;
  the art designing and software technology were supported by Perfect Advertising
After We have done the educational-industrial complex with schools and language institutions
Sep.,2004 actively, and provided the scholarship to feedback the society.
2008 In 2008, we inducted Corporate Identity System (CIS), and changed to Perfect Digital
  Translation .
Customer-oriented Service  
For our clients, besides providing the most perfect services, we combine
the relevant entrance websites of Perfect Translation & CompuNet Co.,
Ltd. and the meticulously planned paper propaganda activities to do the
publicity for your company free of charge so as to make you to be with
might redoubled on the internet marketing.
 ( Web Portal: Perfect Language Net       Taiwan Life Extra )
Future Prospect and Expectations  
  For more than ten years, the clients that we have served are all over the world. In Taiwan, the clients
  include institutions of central authorities (such as the Executive Yuan, and Environmental Protection
  Administration), government organizations (such as the Taiwan Provincial Government and
  governments of counties and cities), schools, the five-star hotels such as The Splendor Taichung
  (previous Formosa Regent (Taichung)),The Lalu, and Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taichung), large
  enterprise groups, and more than one thousand small and medium enterprises. The business scope
  covers all walks of life. You can also see us in Hong Kong, Singapore, the USA, and Japan.
  As for translation, we have hundreds of special-contracted translators of multi-languages, and we are
  one of the few international translation companies in Taiwan. Our CompuNet Department and
  Advertising Department also design the multi-language webpage for the clients to expand the
  e-commerce, establish the perfect brand and commodity image, and promote the client's marketing
  network to link with the world; our abundant experiences, enthusiasm and devotion are approved
  and recommended by the clients. With the coming of the new century, Perfect Translation &
  CompuNet Co., Ltd. will adhere to the spirit of keeping improving to work hard constantly,
  expecting to bring you the more perfect and more convenient service!!
¡EHeadquarters: Taichung Road
¡ETaipei office:Guancian Road  
TEL:(04)2227-9899(Detailed Data)¡@